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What is your purpose? - Meine Hausaufgaben Teil 2 - 13. Sep 2016

“... you likely believe that you came from no one, you are alive on the earth for nothing, and that when you die you will go nowhere.“ (Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears (1))

This quote seems to reveal the heart of many people nowadays: about 350 Million people suffer from depression world wide (2). More than 800,000 people commit suicide every year (3). Why is it that we cannot just be happy to be alive and enjoy living?

Mankind has turned its back on our creator. Who needs one when we explain the universe all by ourselves? Who needs a God, if we have science? Nice try, but has science ever explained why you exist? Has its explanation ever given you purpose? Have all these discoveries answered that burning question of why am I here?

This is a question only your Creator can answer. He made you for a purpose and had a vision for your life. Yes, you have a purpose! And no, you weren‘t made to be the center of the universe. He is the center of the universe, and he is perfect. Perfectly good, righteous, merciful, kind, just, holy and loving. And in love He created us. Not because He needed us, mind you; God is absolutely self-sufficient. But He wanted us. Me. You. We are here because there is One who wants us.

God could have stopped there. He could have created us and then taken a step back to watch us from a distance. But instead, He invited us into something incredible, unfathomable: He invited us into a relationship, into fellowship with Him. He does not only want us, He wants to be with us.

This is the frame work for all of our purpose, for all of our history. Beginning in the Garden, God wanted to be with us. But through our disobedience and sin, we created a vast divide between God and us; a divide God has been working to overcome: He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us so that we can have fellowship with Him again. He is working in history to prepare the earth for His return, so that He can dwell among us once again. Forever.

And this relationship is also the foundation for our purpose: we were created to love Him. Love? Yes, love. And not just that kind of “feeling-all-warm-inside love“ but love that consumes us. Love that touches our hearts and makes us kick ourselves off the throne of our lives and exalt HIM. Love that empowers us to live for Him, for His plans. Love that desires to please Him and partner with Him.

We do not have any purpose apart from God. If you want to find out what His plan is for you: run to Him. Ask Him to show you.

1 Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears, Doctrine - What Christians Should Believe“, (Crossway, Illinois, 2010), 104.




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